Gates are Open from 10am to 6pm September 9th & 10th, 2023 Kings Valley - Oregon
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The 27th Annual Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

Merry Merchants

Age of Chivalry

Alchemy Botanical Design

Anja's Beaded Jewelry / Skywatch Farm

As Above Metaphysical Shoppe

Bohemian Rock Treasures

Celtic Connection, The

Celtic Rabbit Soap & Crafts

Cloaked In Time

D&D Chain Maille Creations

Dark Age Leathers

Definitly Not The Bandit's Lair

Divine Earth

Dragon Lady Creations

Dryaduir Design

Faery Face Art / We Don't Gnome

Flame and Fable Candle Co. / Vertaki One of a Kind Doll

Grundoon's Shoppe of Baskets


Heart Song Arts Pottery

Heraldry Darts, SRF Revelers

Herbs and Things


Honeystone Candles

Jeweled Quail, The

Knotted Oaks

Leaf's Custom Designs

Lux Amuletum

Mermaid Merchants

Might Fly Studio

Mother Nature's Botanicals


Niyyah Handcrafted

Ocean Crone, LLC

Oran Mor Artisan Mead, LLC

Oregon Rainbow - Break Ye Own Geode & Crystal gifts

P&L Creations

Parsa Leatherworks

Pixie Traveling Medicine Show, The

Prickley Pair Jewelry / Danner Designs

R.L. Tabor & Co.

Ruby Moon

Sable Hare, The

Seven Suns Archery

Shadow Dreams Lavender / Dragonflies Thistle

Shadows of Amber


Silver Stone Apothecary

Simply Lampwork

Star Dust Crafters

Stargazer's Gourmet

StoneWolf Designs

Storm The Castle, SRF Revelers

Talon and Claw;

Tap N Trap

The Shrewsbury Gaol

Touch of the Fae

Meandering Merchants

Goat Boy Games

Fyne Feasting

Ali Baba's Tribal Treats

Chef Bo's House of Jerky

El Sabor de Juanita's Food
http://FB; Insta

Handzy Food LLC

Lady Tina's Thighs DBA: Terrell's Texas BBQ

Lonely Pickle Tavern, SRF


Noodles Delight DBA Doug's Place, Inc

Sissy's Beverage Emporium
http://insta @sissysbeverages

Staggering Oak Tavern, SRF

Tippler's Guild, SRF

Pleasant Players

Adria the Juggler

Chaste Treasure LLC

Fantastical Findings, part of the Whimsical Wish Wagon

Figs & Thistles Recorder Ensemble

Knights of Mayhem

Long Shot Mounted Archery


Minstrel Darius, The

Salem Madrigal Singers

Sherwood Renaissance Singers

Skard IV Lyfe

Tinker Tailors, The

Tribal Rising Dance

Twisted Knickers Band, The

Living History Guild Displays

Artyfactors Guild, SRF

Bedlam Guild, SRF

Friendly Feasters, SRF

Mad Stampers Guild, SRF

Nob Hill, SRF


Patrons of the Arts

Goldyn Gryfyn Comfort Station
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