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Shrewsbury FAQ

Are guests allowed/encouraged to come in costume?
Absolutely! Resources on Elizabethan Costume can be found in our Guide-Booke and elsewhere on the web from our historical resources page.

Are swords/daggers allowed? (we have some as part of our costuming)
Yes, as long as they are peace-tied. You can peace-tie your weapon with a piece of leather thong wrapped around the hilt and through your belt. Your weapon will need to be secured so that it can not be easily drawn.

Some of the costumes I see don't look English. Why not?
While the majority of the population are locals, it is possible to have visitors from Europe and the Middle East. Since we do allow the public to come in costume there is a good chance that you will see a little bit of everything at Shrewsbury.

Why are you doing this?
The primary purpose of our faire is to eat, drink and be merry! We enjoy history, and find the English Renaissance to be a fascinating time worthy of sharing. To this end we host a Renaissance Faire every year and invite you to come experience the interactive living history for yourself.

Are you affiliated with the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronisms) and if so can I fight in your "tournament"?
No. Although many of our participants are SCA members, we are not an SCA event. Our "Tournament" is a horse tournament scripted and put on by our resident knights.

Can I bring my pet?
Sorry, No Pets.

Where can I find Public Camping or Accommodation?
There is no Public Camping at the Shrewsbury site. However, there are two relatively nearby campgrounds. In Albany, there is a KOA (541) 967-8521 and the National Forest Service runs a campground at the top of Mary's Peak (541) 750-7000. For more information look at the Corvallis Visitors Bureau's lodging list.
Disclaimer: Shrewsbury is providing these phone numbers for informational purposes only and does not endorse or guarantee that there will be space at either of these sites.

FAQ's and information from places other than Shrewsbury

I am interested in more information regarding Renaissance Faires, What other FAQ's are available?
The SCRIBE Network maintains copies of all of the major Frequently Asked Questions lists that have anything to do with Renaissance Faires. They also maintain a listing of all of the Faires in North America.
NOTE:The following information is for general information purposes only. Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire does not maintain these files and the information contained may not apply to Shrewsbury. Please check with us if you have any questions.

FAQ - Costuming for Renaissance Faires
If you would like to work at Shrewsbury, Please take a look at our Application Page.
Yes! You can be married at Shrewsbury! Please fill out our information request page and indicate that you would like more information.
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