Gates are Open from 10am to 6pm September 14th & 15th, 2024 Kings Valley - Oregon
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Sponsors of the Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

First conceived on 14 February 1995, Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire has now grown to number over 1000 participants. It is financed without recourse to non - profit or government aid and has been developed entirely by private initiative. It is an educational Elizabethan Living History creation. The arts, the attractions, and the theatre of the Faire come from the historic research and imaginations of the Shrew Folke...the name by which the members of the Faire proudly call themselves.

Thanks Be To These Goode Friends!
Our Modern Day Sponsors and Supporters whose Goode Offices helped pave the way for our Journey into the Past.

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Please see the Patrons of The Arts on our Merchants & Players List for those who have helped us this year.

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