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Merchants and Players
of Shrewsbury  2013

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The 18th Annual Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire

Merry Merchants

Age of Chivalry

Ageless Treasures

Alys Moggie's Miscellany (Book Universe, Inc.)

Banfiligirl Textiles / Puzzroll Rings

Black Cat Jewelry & Gifts

Black Dragon & Sapphire Dragon Merchants

Blessed Halos

Broken Wing Spiritual Counseling

Brunetta Blacksmithing & Foundry

By Special Request

Cloaked In Time

Cock 'n' Bow Archery Range

Compleat Corsetry

Corvallis Harness Goats

Damsel In This Dress

Founding Mothers

Frigga Green Needle

Gaean Allusions Pottery

Goldyn Gryfyn Fyne Goodes

Great Jesspectations

Grundoon's Shoppe of Baskets

Hedgehog's Hodge-Podge

Honeystone Candles

Jan Stephens, LMP

Magic Carpet Henna

Make Mine Pottery

Master Braider Productions

Mystic Rose Ware

Occams Edge

Patsy's Pilferings

Powder River Artisans Guild

Privateers 4 Kids

Raincoast Arts

Redwolf Ltd

Ruby Moon

Secret Dragon Collectibles

Shadows of Amber


Silver Tide Jewelry

SRF Artyfactors Water Dragon Maze



SRF Revelers Heraldry Darts

SRF Revelers Storm The Castle

SRF Tudor Rose Souvenirs

SteelCraft/Legends of Camelot

Stone Ring Press


The Celtic Connection

The Costume Mistress

The Green Wolf

The Guiding Tree www.

The Hair Braiding Booth

The Purple Thistle & Dark Age Leathers

The Short Brush

The Woodsmith

Two Crones Flasks & Fanceys

Wee Did Thizz

Whimsy Fyne Attire

Winter Spring Farm

ZMay Creations

Meandering Merchants

Dragon Pets

Foxgloves PDX

Hall Crystal Flutes, Inc

SRF Dragon Tamers (Parking & Trash)

Fyne Feasting

Bedlam Bangers

Bellfountain Smokehouse AKA Scot's Sausage & Stag

Friends of the Queen Wandering Water Cart

His Magesty's Munchies & The Queen's Creamery

Island Treats

Lady Tina's Thighs

Noodles Delight / Doug's Place, Inc

Oberon's Three Penny Tavern

Olde Tyme Kettle Korn

Rogue Rootbeer

Taste of Holland

Pleasant Players

A Mid Summer's Night Theme with :**:Fairy Princess Loll

Adria The Juggler

Arden the Fiddler

Bardy Boys

Clan McKinnon Piper

EM Cirque

Epona Equestrian Team!/pages/Epona-Equestrian

Figs & Thistles Recorder Ensemble

Firelight Stories

Janet Naylor, Harper

Matthew VanZee & VanZee Magic

No Parchment Needed

Our Queene's Delight (Albany Youth Orchestra)

Pearwood Pipers


Raks Sarif


Salem Madrigal Singers

Sherwood Renaissance Singers

St Ratswallow's Guild

The Rat Catchers

Living History Guild Displays

Adrian Empire

BlackSheep Wool Wyrks

Clan Cwn Annwn

Guild of Gloriana

Kitchen Ceilidh


http://Pictland (Facebook)

Schole of Pleasant Pastymes

Scot's Clan

The Guild of Ill Humours

Shrewsbury Living History Production Guilds

SRF Artyfactors Guild

SRF Bedlam Guild

SRF Buttery in the Barley Mow

SRF Greeters

SRF Mad Stampers Guild

SRF Muggers O' Bedlam

SRF Priory & Wedding Bower

SRF Revelers Guild

SRF Stage: Dancers Rounde

SRF Stage: Main Stage

SRF Yr Gwyliad

Patrons of the Arts

SRF Photographer's Guild

SRF STAGE: Friar Tuck's Forest Stage
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