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Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire : Hands on History
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Good morrow to all Scholars and Sages
Welcome to the Elizabethan Renaissance

Shrewsbury Hands on History is pleased to provide the following services.

Shrewsbury Hands on History Online (For Students)
Questions and Answers with the Shrewsbury Sage
Historic Classroom Presentations
A Child's Day In Elizabethan England

History comes alive for your students as they travel back in time to the reign of Queen Elizabeth I (1558 - 1603).

Focusing on the English daily life of the child, and using a method
known as First Person Representative Interpretation, costumed presenters research, create, and portray an individual in Elizabeth's England with no knowledge of modern life.

With interactive discussions on family, clothing, and work of varying social classes, as well as a selection of music, dance, crafts, and games, students are drawn into the same time frame as the Presenter to experience many of the daily aspects of living in England during the reign of Elizabeth I.

Presentations are designed as an additional resource for educators in schools, libraries, home school groups, and can be adapted to many venues. Any age group can be accommodated. Contact the Shrew for availability and prices.
Online for Educators
Elizabethan Resources for teachers
Need curricula for your students on 16th century English village life for next week? Need Renaissance resources for books, music, film, and web links?
Scholarship Programs
Renaissance Humanities

Shrewsbury has developed a Renaissance Humanities Scholarship at a local High School. This scholarship requires students to present a portfolio containing work in the following four categories: Literature, History, Art, and Music. Interested in a matching funds Renaissance Humanities Scholarship for your school? Scholarships can be designed and adapted to accommodate your needs. Contact the Shrew
Community Outreach
Creative Services

Whether helping you and your students to put on your own school or classroom Renaissance Festival or giving your staff some creative ideas on the Renaissance for your fund raisers, we are pleased to share our resources and skills. Many of our educators are also talented reenactors and performers who are often available to help bring your event, party, fund raiser, or historical site to life. Not all presentations are available at all times. Call for availability and prices.
For More Information
For Further Information on this or any Shrewsbury Hands On History program call or write

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