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Good morrow to all Scholars and Sages
Welcome to the Elizabethan Renaissance

Have to build a peasant cottage for your teacher by Thursday? Need to write a report on what Elizabethans ate? Need curricula for your students on 16th century English village life for next week?

Whatever your Renaissance question, from jesters to jousters, politics to peasants, knights to nightgowns, start your quest for answers here.

* First stop: Renaissance Resources for books, music, film, and web links on the following subjects:

* Next, we have more resources for Advanced Scholars & Sages


Look here for answers to questions from previous Scholars

* Finally, you may send your question directly to the Shrewsbury Sage
Send your question for online personal assistance to Gaffer Applewright, 16th Century Sage, Scholar, Eccentric and Applecutter. If your question has not already been asked by a previous Scholar, our Sages will endeavor to give you an answer, or at least point you in the right direction.
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