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Music Resources

Renaissance Faire Singing Groups:

All For A Lark
Shortly after moving up to Oregon from Southern California and Country Matters, Mark Warner found that he could not live without singing. He started All For A Lark and they have been performing at Shrewsbury since '96. They are located in Eugene, Oregon and are availible for booking.

The Poxy Boggards
In 1994, Stu Venable decided that he wanted an excuse to drink (and sing) at the local renaissance Pleasure Faire. He called some friends and a few enemies and decided that a group of six men would be a fun way to start and a great way to attract girls. Thus were the Poxy Boggards born. 1
Over the years they have produced the Poxy Boggard's Hymnal, and the Bawdy Parts Seedy Songbook, as well as several albums, Bawdy Parts Barley Legal(with sample songs). Their third album "Lager Than Life" ranges into the parental advisory arena. PoxRidden collects all three previous albums under one cover.
Country Matters
A co-ed singing group based out of the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire. They sing traditional and Renaissance Faire Music. Samples from their album Praeludium ad Simulationem(The more we practice the better we fake it) are availible from the Jester's Court.
Ceili's Muse
The Muse have undergone several incarnations over the years, all of them well worth listening to. The Muse focus on Celtic Music and can be found playing in the Houston area. They have released four albums since '91.
A celtic band based in Houston
The Rogues
A very good pipe band from Houston. Ah yes they are humorous as well
The Brobdingnagian Bards
A wide variety ranging from classic celtic and original songs about kissing frogs or drinking to bawdy tunes of dragons, virgins, and ducats. They have samples at their site.
Flying Fish Sailors
The Sailors play in the Houston area and are regular performers at the Texas Renaissance Festival
The Pyrates Royale
The Pyrates are a Nautical group from the other coast. They play regularly in the Maryland-Virginia area.
Clan na Gael
Ancient, Traditional, and Contemporary Celtic Music
Gibbon the Troubadour
plays at the Michigan Renaissance Festival
Three Hams on Rye
Traditional Irish Music on the East Coast


Retail Companies:

Jester's Court
Purchase and Sampling of the works of many fyne storytellers and singing groups performing at Renaissance, Irish, Scottish and English Faires in the United States
Dirty Linen
Shanachie Records
Celtic High
A Searchable Database of Celtic CDs.
Nightwatch Recording
Home of The New World Renaissance Band, Cantiga, Owain Phyfe, Stefano Pando, and many other early music recording artists.

Lyrics and Other Resources:

RenRadio Streaming Renaissance And Celtic Music
Harkin to the joyful sounds!
Ren-Faire Songs
This is an archive of songs generally performed at faires. If you don't find what you are looking for here, try the Digital Tradition.
Banshee's Song Archive
Another song archive.
Digital Tradition
One of the oldest and best search engines for finding lyrics to folk songs of all traditions.
Irish Folk Songs
Quite a few songs I have heard performed at various Faires.
Freedb CD Database
A great resource for those of you who listen to your CD's on your computer. This free database is kept updated by community effort. Check their site for a freedb compliant CD player for your platform. Many of them are freeware. Why we no longer support CDDB
A clearing house for Folk Music resources.
"The home of celtic music on the internet, since 1994. Ceolas houses the largest online collection of information on celtic music, and has links to hundreds of related sites."

1 From the album cover of the Poxy Boggards' Bawdy Parts
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