Gates are Open from 10am to 6pm September 14th & 15th, 2024 Kings Valley - Oregon
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Welcome to Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire! Modeled on the merriest of elements from the times of Shakespeare and Elizabeth I, Shrewsbury Renaissance Faire is the only interactive Living History event of its kind in Oregon, all the Faire is a Stage as you don the garb and manners of the era and welcome the public to join in the play. Showcase your wares and talents to over 21,000 visitors as they browse the village.

Entertain and delight the public through the use of Interactive Theater, the making and selling of Crafts, Wares, Games, Demonstrations, and Living History Reenactments, all with a Renaissance flavour. Trades and Pastimes of the period are encouraged, and Entertainment Acts, Street Gigs, and Improv, are always very welcome.

Professional crafters, artists and aspiring beginners welcome. We will help you. No jury fee or percentage taken. Elizabethan relevance is preferred. Demonstrations are encouraged. Appropriate costume is required. Applications are juried upon receipt, and notification sent by post within 48 hours. Early submissions are recommended. Some Production Guilds open for volunteers.

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Application Deadline: JULY 31st 2024

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